Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Painterly Florals at Vintage Home

We have brought together a truly stunning array of vintage for our latest update to the website. There is no denying that we love our florals and so do you! There are sublimely pretty paintings, simply gorgeous hand painted furniture and incredibly delectable rosy textiles - all original, all vintage and all totally and utterly beautiful. Here is a smattering of the latest stock.

An old painted bedside cupboard...

...and headboard are adorned with exquisite florals.

Gorgeous curtains with roses galore...

...and long, flowing curtains with, yes, more roses!

Original watercolours of lovely pink roses, and gentle lilacs (see top) are among some of the very special paintings we have found for you.

Nesting tables with handpainted flowers are waiting for you too...

...we hope you can pop along for a visit!

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