Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The North Wind Doth Blow...

...and we shall have snow. No, we're not predicting the weather now (we'll leave that to the Met Office, although they don't always get it right do they?!) but there has definitely been a chill in the wind this week. This coincides with our rather timely acquisition of a dozen or more of the most gorgeous, the most cuddly, the most adorable and the prettiest eiderdowns, available now at the Vintage Home online shop.

These feather-filled quilts add much to a vintage style bedroom and display beautifully all year round but this is the time of year when they really come into their own, keeping you snuggly and warm as well as looking super rolled up in an armoire or folded upon a favourite chair.

We are thrilled to have found some of the prettiest and plumpest vintage eiderdowns and thought we would share some of their loveliness with you.

The website has been updated with these wonderful quilts and lots of other too-good-to-miss vintage treasures, so pop along when you have time.

A colourful heart-shaped cushion...

...a 1940s rosy rug...

...a 1950s rosy chair...

...magnificent Barbola plaque.

As well as our super vintage goodies, we have lots of exciting news to share with you - our dainty polka dot and rosebud mouse mat is featured by Cosmopolitan magazine this month - luckily we had just replenished stocks before the November issue was on sale! This month's issue is 'well stocked' with images of semi-clad men so it was a complete surprise that anyone noticed our dainty little mouse mat!!

This is really exciting; the current Period Living magazine shows a tiny sneak preview of our forthcoming Christmas cottage feature to be shown in their December issue! It was icy cold and snowing when Gail and Mark visited us in the depths of Winter. It was a super day and we had great fun but it seems so long ago now!

We will be announcing our special Christmas prize draw at the end of this month, so please check back when you can or join the website's mailing list to receive the Vintage Home eNewsletter.

Phew, well I think that's more than enough eye candy (and that includes the hunky men in Cosmo!) and news for one blog post - see you all again soon!

PS. Almost forgot! Look out for tonight's episode of Five TV's Cowboy Builders - with a bit of luck you'll catch a glimpse of the crochet bed throw the production team bought from our shop! We don't expect to get a mention but at least we'll be able to say 'as seen on TV!'


  1. Wow, will definately be getting Period Living at Christmas and have a good old nosey at your house!!the eiderdowns are beautiful! lucky you to be surrounded by such loveliness! jennyx

  2. Goodness me, pass the smelling salts, what could be better than a pile of eidys! It is definitely colder, as you say, so a good excuse to indulge. Can't find them on the website yet though, will keep looking...
    Hen x

  3. Such pretty eiderdowns!
    Will certainly have a look at your website,
    Susan x

  4. Não tenho palavras, lindo seu blog cheio de magia, encanto e amor.....Parabéns!!

  5. Love the Eiderdowns...absolutely Lovely

  6. swooning over your lovely eiderdowns!


  7. love all of your pretty eiderdowns. what a stack.
    the vintage prints are soo sweet.


  8. Hello, I always follow your
    wonderful blog, I love it.
    I come every year in England,
    I can visit you to buy?
    Come and visit my blog and you will understand ......
    Congratulations hug Susy

  9. Just to say how lovely it is to see your home in the new issue (Dec) of Period Living!
    Margaret P

  10. missed seeing you at the very wet and windy Ardingly!

  11. This is the good blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.

  12. gorgeous eiders. suddenly my hand crocheted bedspread is cold and unfulfilling. Off to gander at your offerings.
    LiBBy BuTTons