Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coming soon; the most Beautiful Vintage...

Apologies for the long gap between blog posts. We are currently preparing a huge amount of the most beautiful stock which will be coming to the website soon. We have also been very busy making some exciting new changes to the website; all will be revealed in a matter of days...

In the meantime, we thought you'd like a little taster of the gorgeous items we have for you. There are many stunning paintings and prints, including yard long Victorian paintings, a huge collection of the prettiest eiderdowns, and an incredible array of vintage textiles. This is possibly our most exciting collection of beautiful vintage to date. We know you don't like to miss out so we will send a Newsletter on update day to everyone on our mailing list - join us now if you haven't already.

Roses are everywhere, on paintings, prints and textiles.

There's plenty of pink too!

Of course, pink and paisley together is a match made in heaven...

...and this beauty brings the prettiness of a country garden into your bedroom.

The crisp and fresh apple green of this eiderdown is truly mouthwatering.

Those really are just a mere handful of our vintage goodies so we're sure there'll be enough to go round! We found time in between the preparations to take some photos of our beautiful roses and the beginnings of a bumper crop from one of our apple trees.

We'll be back soon with news of the update, in the meantime, enjoy some lazy Summer days!


  1. I look forward to seeing all of your new changes to the website!

  2. Just found your beautiful blog! I think I'm in love with that green eiderdown!! Will definitely check back soon, off to visit your website now!! Tamzin

  3. I´ve just discovered your beautiful blog and the things you do.I´m already looking forward to seeing the changes you´ve told us.