Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Flag is Always Flying at Vintage Home!

A fresh vintage Union Jack has recently replaced our old flag which was rather tattered and torn after many years of sun, wind and rain!

Well, what a wonderful holiday break we've had! We enjoyed some glorious sunny days and time away with family for a very special Birthday celebration, and an enjoyable spell beside the sea. There's been the odd spot of retail therapy - and a good deal of vintage retail therapy too! The garden has been lavished with attention...

...and we've crammed in some serious quality-time. A day spent with the lovely Kelly and Paul of Vintage Lifestyle was most enjoyable; wonderful food (thank you both so much!) great company and beautiful weather in delightful 'vintage surroundings' - what could be better?!
We were overwhelmed with the response to our holiday offer on the website and consequently will be working extra-specially hard to have your orders packed and posted throughout this week.
So now, it is 'back to work' for the both of us! I can honestly say we are feeling so very refreshed from our break that we cannot wait to get back into the stride of things! We've some extra-special vintage treasures to add to the website later this week, but first I'd like to share some photos with you all...
We haven't ventured here for a while,

so perhaps it's time to head down the garden path...

...getting closer...

...closer still...

It's tempting to sit awhile and enjoy the beautiful flowers instead of getting back to work!

Somebody has found a shady spot.

Perhaps we shouldn't have woken him up!

The roses have been exceptional this year...

...such beauty and heady perfumes...'s just as well we'll have no time to sit amongst the roses - they've taken over the bench!

A really big 'Thank You' to everyone for your recent purchases - we'll be back soon with more photos of our vintage home and garden - and more vintage goodies!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful, story book setting!

  2. WOW! what I wouldn't give to be there now! :)

  3. I just love your post! Your home is absoulutely charming edged in all your cottage flowers. I love it! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  4. Just beautiful!! Sooooo charming!

  5. I would LOVE to be there in that glorious English garden. Your home is so charming & it's just perfect.
    ~Sue in US~

  6. Your Home and Garden is Divine!

    I just love All your fab pictures and as you say, this year has been great for roses!

    Glad you had a nice break too!

  7. Hi Clare, happy 4th July to you, and your garden is spectacular! Look forward to seeing your new treasures.
    Hope you had a lovely break!

  8. How very beautiful - it looks like a dreamy wonderland. I bet you have real fairies in your garden! So sweet!

  9. You have such a pretty garden and such a pretty cat, we have a little black cat too.

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous riot of colour, and what a pretty puss!

    Sue xx

  11. Your home and garden are so beautiful. I love that you show patriotism and your flowers are just gorgeous. The kind of place I could really sit a spell and enjoy.

  12. How lovely your garden looks...beautiful flowers. I wonder how you ge anything done. I'd just want to sit there all day!
    Margaret (and Noreen)

  13. Oh Clare, your garden and clockhouse look simply gorgeous. Your garden looks so mature. I can't wait for ours to get there although we will probably be using zimmer frames by that time! We loved seeing you both and enjoyed the laughs. Speak to you soon.

  14. Hello Clare,
    a really cosy and really vintage home you have. The garden is absolutly charming. Also the roses were gorgeous, you have to be a lucky girl.....
    Have a great sunny weekend.

  15. What beautiful flowers! The summer here has been so cool so far that the blossoms just aren't what they usually are. But seeing your pictures is very refreshing.

  16. The perfect setting for a vintage home. You must work so hard to get it looking that beautiful.

    Your roses are gorgeous by the way. What types are the pink by the bench and the lovely white one?

  17. Your garden is looking just wonderful, the perfect English garden.

  18. Hello Clare
    What a wonderful post! Your house and garden look so beautiful and that summer house....well...I LOVE IT! You must really enjoy spending time there.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  19. What a lovely home! This week I am featuring vibrant collectors of vintage Pyrex. Take a look at their pieces here

  20. Your garden is beautiful, the roses in particular are gorgeous. I love the hollyhocks photo. They never seem to do well in my garden and tend to suffer with rust before they flower.

  21. I love your post. Expecially the pretty flowers and the black cat. It made me miss my kitty. We had a pretty little black cat who diappeared a few months ago. She was so sweet and I still miss her.

  22. Hi Clare
    Your garden is looking wonderful. sorry we didn't have chance to natter at Ardingly, it really was a bonkers day and that wind was causing chaos on the stand! Hope you had a good time buying lots of lovely things.
    Lizzie x

  23. (((Clare))))

    Oh how I've missed you!
    YOUR home is delicious - every single inch.. such beauty and joy here - how I wish I could knock on your door and spend time with you in your enchanting cottage. Because that is what it is.


  24. You have a beautiful home and lovely gardens. We have a black cat too. He is quite a little rascal.

  25. We love your post. My family members would like to say thanks,

  26. Your home and gardens are so lovely. My daughter lives in England with her British husband now and I am looking forward to a visit to the countryside to enjoy cottages such as yours! Charming! xo Roberta

  27. What a lovely garden! Your roses are beautiful! Mine are so big yet; they need a few more years of growth.

  28. beautiful garden, wish I could see it in person.