Monday, November 03, 2008

Wanted! Do you have a 1950s Home...?

...and do you want to see it on TV?!

I am hoping the world of blogging will be able to help with this rather exciting request! Do any of you here in the UK remember the recent BBC2 TV programme 'Supersizers Go... Seventies' which was aired back in the Summer? It was a very entertaining programme and really great viewing for those of us who were children in the 1970s! Well, the producers of that show are about to start filming the second series of the historical food programme and this one will be entitled Supersizers Go... Fifties! The idea of the programme is that the presenters, food writer Giles Coren and comedienne Sue Perkins, spend a week eating, dressing and living in the 1950s. The producers therefore require a typical house from the 1950s period to be their on-screen home. Although it would be nice if the exterior is in keeping with the period, the most important thing is that it looks right on the inside, particularly the kitchen.
Filming is due to take place over a couple of days of the week commencing 24th November - but don't worry, no overnight filming is required. Maximum filming days would be 12 hours and cooking all of the food for the presenters on location will be Fifties celebrity chef Mary Berry.

If you - or anyone you know - has a 50s style house (and in particular a 50s kitchen) and live in or around London, or in the nearby counties, they would really love to hear from you. If the idea of having a film crew and TV celebrities invade your house appeals to you and you have the right sort of home, then please contact me (email is on my profile page or see the about us page of the webshop for telephone number etc.) I will pass your details onto their researcher, Nick Adey, who will then contact you to discuss it further. By the way, the producers will pay a fee for the use of your home! Also, if any of you have particular memories and stories of day-to-day living in the 1950s, they may be interested in hearing from you.

Thank you!


  1. Oh how exciting. I wish I did have a typical 1950's house just so I could see Giles in person (he is rather fanciable!!!) And I could get some great AGA cooking tips off Mary Berry. I love this series, the 70's episode brought back memories of my mothers limited menu ideas courtesy of Findus and Vesta frozen foods. How exciting was Artic Roll and boil in the bag curries (at the time)? Where were the groovy movers and shakers who were eating Fondue, Coquille St Jacques, Beef Stroganoff, Black Forest Gateau and Baked Alaska, because in our house we were having Pot Noodles!!!

  2. I loved this series, made me laugh so much. Very entertaining and probably quite useful now considering the C.Crunch!
    I can't wait to see the next one - wish I had a fifties home!

  3. Oh I wish we had a 50s house just so I could meet Mary Berry and have her cook in my kitchen. I unfortunately missed the 70s one which is my early childhood. I saw a couple of the others though that were really interesting and quite amusing.

  4. Haven't got a 50's kitchen but will be interested to see the programme. Mary Berry is a good down to earth cook and I always watch her programmes.

  5. Well, this is fun. Wish I could've viewed the 70's version... we don't have BBC channels on our cable here. I will have to see if our local library can obtain a copy. This series makes me think of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. Very interesting and such fun!!


  6. Oh what a lovely idea! I do hope that I will get to see the show soon :)

    Take care!

    Mademoiselle M.

  7. I hope they found a suitable kitchen and the lucky person having Merry Berry in there Kitchen. She won me over with her cook with mother ice cream recipe.

  8. Hi, did you ever found someone with a typical house from the fifties?
    I am making a short film in July. The story starts in the 50's and then comes to present day. I desperately looking for a suitable location.