Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All Kinds of Everything!

Well, Autumn is well and truly here. The wisteria foliage is turning and the geranium leaves have taken on rich and vibrant shades. The logs are stacked under the window and we are enjoying cosy nights by the woodburner.

We've been super-busy here with the website so a big thank you to everyone for your custom. We are currently updating the shop throughout the week in order to keep the stock levels up! As well as visiting antique fairs over the past few weeks, we've been doing a spot of 'titivating' in the cottage in preparation for a photo shoot. I won't say any more at this stage but will let you all know when we are in print!
So, here are some piccies to show you what we've been up to!

I gathered together some of my favourite things and filled our old dresser. I love the old chocolate boxes with the pretty ladies on them, but they are getting harder to find. Victorian mugs are another of my passions - those shown here are some of my favourites.

Next, it was time for new curtains!

These are hiding the white goods and have been made from a pretty mix of vintage French and English fabrics - the green check is an old tablecloth. The curtains they replaced had been there over 10 years so it was certainly time for a change!!

We have added some beautiful vintage treasures to the website recently. This is a pair of amazing parlour prints.

The roses are spectacular and the frames are works of art in their own right! Just look at those dewdrops on the petals - wonderful!

There are lots more gorgeous things to see on the website from rosy prints to rosy rugs, all perfect for adding cosiness to your home as the days shorten.

Talking of shorter days, here is a rather moody photo taken across the lane, the sky is looking rather wintry don't you think?!

I hope you've enjoyed the photos - I'm off to light the woodburner now and snuggle up for the evening - enjoy the rest of your week!