Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fabrics, Fragrance and Floribunda!

Well I never, what's this? Roses growing in my apple tree? No, but the next best thing; three of Niki's gorgeous handmade bags! I'm sure you've heard the expression that a girl can never have too many bags, well if they're made by Niki, then that is certainly true! I was lucky enough to 'bag' (excuse the pun!) the patchwork of roses bag yesterday, when she updated her website. It arrived today, how's that for service?!

Here are some more wonderful things I have recently acquired! I spotted this pretty glass lamp on ebay and luckily for me it was on a Buy It Now - so I did just that! It has little glass droplets just visible under the lampshade. The very kind seller sent me a surprise gift too, this really pretty oil painting of roses, how lovely! When I saw Sue recently at the antiques fair, I couldn't resist her handmade lavender bags made from vintage fabric; they smell wonderful! The lavender bag tied with black lace was another surprise gift from another ebay seller; aren't there some very generous people out there?! The beautiful wisteria note paper was made for me by Bonnie; thank you so much Bonnie, I really adore it and don't want to use it!

Here's a photo of one of my Sweet Williams, which are growing in abundance in my borders this year!

Last year they were non-existent but have decided to appear everywhere this year! Do you have any surprises growing in your garden?